FandD is a creative duo
formed by the designers Flora Fixy and Julia Dessirier

We design products, accessories and spaces.

We work with brands and agencies in the development of new products and spaces in the cultural and fashion fields.

We take action in the whole creation process, in all or part of the design steps, from conceptualization to 3D modeling as well as technical development and follow up on production.

We develop a singular language where materials and processes meet up on the edge of hybrid shapes. All through the design process we mix traditional savoir-faire with 3D modeling to draw a new materality.

Our driving force is to get involved in topics that matter to us, to enhance our practice working with enthralling people, to invest today social themes. Each experience is an opportunity to question everyday habits through creativity.


Inclusive Design Award
Short listed, 2019

Winners of the 33rd Hyères International Festival
Grand Prize of the Jury Swarovski in Fashion Accessories, 2018

Révélateur de Talent Cinna
Finalists, 2018

COAL Art & Environnement
Finalists, 2017

Louis Vuitton Hackathon“Unlock personalization”, Second prize, 2017

Ikea Foundation Switzerland
Grant, 2014