Collection of jewelry for hearing aids
Awarded of the Grand Prize of the jury for Fashion accessory at the Hyères International Festival in 2018

Those jewels are first answers to user interests and needs but also political tools.
We aim to use the incredible fashion power on consciousness as a way to refine the vision of disability and thus liberate it from physical or psychological complexes.

The pieces of jewelry goes from the discreetest to the most visible, to be worn single, in matching or mismatching pairs, fixed onto the device, magnifying its curves.

The hearing aid is underlined, extended, increased, exaggerated, it becomes shiny and visible. The prosthetic is no longer hidden, it becomes more acceptable: a statement rather than a camouflage.

It is about creating a whole collection of unusual jewelry, with a shape responding to the outlines of the prosthetic but also to the lines of the ears.

This collection is a real technical challenge, and requires understanding the complexity of a tiny device. So as to be as precise as possible in designing the attachments of the jewels we required a 3D scan. This allowed us to understand the complexity of this tiny device. We paid the upmost attention to the attachment systems of the casing but also to the ergonomics ofthe jewels so they are confortable to wear and don’t damage the prosthetic. Photo credit : studio KH